My name is Ruby, born Singaporean, sports & fitness enthusiast, yoga instructor and a mother of 2 beautiful kids. We love picnics! Yes we do it a lot, from Singapore’s Sentosa beach to the Alps high altitude – any occasion regardless cold or warm, we’re happy to lay down our mats and just chill.. We have recently been transplanted to this cute little French town in the Haute-Savoie region, connected to the border of the most eclectic Franco-Swiss city called Geneva.

Peaks, Palms & Picnics is my little journal of exploration and experiences here and around. As a tropical islander, moving to the vicinity of the Alps is a whole new cultural combat altogether. Despite living in a fridge, being Asian, having to deal with language barriers and stamped with an identity of a 3rd citizen, the challenges posed through societal integration for me has been nothing less than a new found excitement!

Moving here directly from my busy Singapore city is a bitter-sweet experience. Born and raised as a city-dweller, I found myself stranded in this little town just outside Geneva even though it only takes minutes to drive into Geneva, more so convenient with one direct bus. One thing for sure or maybe I am just over-exaggerating, I do feel that my night-life is officially over! Though it may sound heartbreaking to an extent, I do in fact appreciate this tranquil lifestyle more than I thought I would, compared to my overloaded schedules back in Singapore. I love how everyone here are involved in outdoor activities, one way or another. But of course! This region is surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains, lakes and country side wanders, there are so many things to see and explore! In addition to that, Geneva is smacked right in the center of Europe, that makes road trips incredibly accessible. Europe has so many great things to offer, France and Switzerland alone has too many charming places to see and visit without burning a hole in your pocket!

Follow me as I share my daily encounters from braving the cold winter (and I mean really cold for someone who grew up in a tropical climate) to overcoming this oddly cold culture, not kidding! That makes this whole move here even more interesting!