Swedish Fit Training – Day 1

Crossfit, Zumba, aerobics, Spin, weights, cardio, yoga, Pilates, boot camps, Swedish fit… wait a minute! Swedish fit? Just what exactly is this?

Ironically, of all people whose been promoting this form of workout is none other than my Parisian friends, yes the French!

Indeed, Swedish fit (Gym Suédoise) became very popular in France in the early 90’s when a Swedish couple moved to Paris and brought their fitness training with them. The concept of Swedish fitness first derived as a community sport to promote a healthy and fit lifestyle in the 70s by Johan Holmsäter, a physical education teacher together with doctors and physiotherapists combining gymnastics, health and well-being called Friskis & Svettis. Though it is mostly popular amongst the French and Swedish, it has recently gained its popularity in Switzerland and UK. For most cases, it shadows the initial objective which was to be made accessible, affordable, fun and structured to enable the maximum number of people to enjoy!

Swedish Fit Geneva

On my first Swedish fit training last Saturday, I felt like it was not much of a physical challenge. It felt more like an aerobics class with loud music. For someone whose been trained to carry her weight in inversion, control her fears and movements, keeping mentally focused and undisturbed in balancing poses, challenged through lifting weights, I never actually thought fast-paced physical coordination could be mentally challenging for me. So there, on my first day, I have concluded that Swedish Fit is a huge compliment to train my brain to coordinate my arms and legs in the complicated ‘dance-like’ sequences. It is actually quite interesting as I had never been inclined towards aerobics sort of workouts but surprisingly it was so much fun! Especially, moving to a mix of great music and enjoying with the community!

Let’s see what I have to say on my 3rd class! 😁

Actually, I am looking forward to Summer where the classes are held in Geneva Plage. That must be super exciting!



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