Everyone is entitled to make a statement.

The most important message for all of us to consider at the #Womensmarch is ... PS I love babies!


La Gavotte Animal Farm and Pony Club

Situated in Plan-Les-Ouates, La Gavotte housed several farm animals that makes a perfect kiddy Sunday activity! And even better, for only 10chf you can take your little one (from 2 years old onwards) for a 30 minute pony ride. Seeing how I can be absolutely helpless in a farm, taking these little guys for a … Continue reading La Gavotte Animal Farm and Pony Club

Reward System, yay or nay?

I've been meaning to ask if the 'reward system' more specifically in monetary value or gifts to motivate and encourage young children would bring out the best in them or would it be an inclination towards the concept of receiving, which is indirectly an act of consumerism. I fell short to understand if our 'bribes' … Continue reading Reward System, yay or nay?

Swedish Fit Training – Day 1

Crossfit, Zumba, aerobics, Spin, weights, cardio, yoga, Pilates, boot camps, Swedish fit... wait a minute! Swedish fit? Just what exactly is this? Ironically, of all people whose been promoting this form of workout is none other than my Parisian friends, yes the French! Indeed, Swedish fit (Gym Suédoise) became very popular in France in the … Continue reading Swedish Fit Training – Day 1

Good Food Versus Good Values

I was just discussing earlier today with my mother in law who came to visit us over Christmas and New Year's about the absurdity of the school canteen system here in France as seen by an outsider, though I have to say the school canteen food here is probably the best in the world! We're … Continue reading Good Food Versus Good Values

One, two, SKI!

I am absolutely delighted to share with you my 7yo's first L'ourson ski badge achievement! Thanks to the amazing ski instructors of L'école de Ski Français (ESF), my numéro 1 can now ski confidently without leaving his overly anxious mother worried of her son falling off the mountain! The ski session lasted only 5 days, … Continue reading One, two, SKI!